A Guide to Sitemaps



Each website contains a list of web pages which are known as the sitemap. The sitemap helps the website pages to be accessible to the search engine crawlers as well as helping the visitors of the website to access links to all the pages of the website. In simple terms, the sitemap is important on providing easy navigation to the website visitors.


There are two types of the sitemap, and one of them is the one that improves the navigation of the website for the visitors so that the can be able to access all the pages of the website. It involves creating links under various categories of the website and also listing the pages alphabetically which is a more useful to visitors in finding the information that they may be looking for. The second type is the one that helps the search engine crawlers to index the website completely without missing a single page. It is created using the XML language which is a format of the sitemap which is mentioned in the robots.txt file, what is a sitemap?


When creating the sitemap for a website at slickplan.com, one has to keep some things in mind like the using the simple HTML code as well as making sure that one organize the content of the website’s content into sections that show the hierarchical structure of the website. Though the purpose of the sitemap is displayed links of all the pages of a website in a single page, it also improves the user experience by adding a couple of lines of description so that the visitors will understand which page is viewing. Another thing to keep in mind is to be a tech-wiz to create a sitemap for the website. The online tools can be used to create both the HTML and the XML sitemap.


A sitemap is important on the website since it increases the search engine ranking which is the primary source of visitors thus each page of the website has to be indexed by the search engine. The sitemap has the links to all pages of the website. The sitemap also improves the user experience where the visitors can find information without much difficulty as well as finding the links of all the pages on a single web page. Sitemaps also help in organizing the website better by enabling the user to have a complete view of the website structure on a single page. This makes it easier to add new information or change the existing content to the site. Learn more about SEO at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization.

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