Benefits of Sitemaps that You Can’t Ignore



The Google sitemaps allows the webmasters to right away alert Google to additions and changes on a certain website and this is one of its many benefits. Telling the search engines regarding new websites or new pages utilize to be what the submission procedure is all about. On the other hand, the major search engines discontinued in taking advantage of this process for so long now. Google, for a very long time, have depended on the external links from the pages that they are already familiar with so as to locate the new websites.


For the website owners and webmasters at , the Google sitemaps are considered as the most vital development since Ping, Blog or RSS are about to hit the internet. Taking advantage of Blog and Ping and RSS permitted the webmasters to warn the search engines regarding the new additions to the webpages even if that was not the main purpose of these systems. In the event that you have ever waited for a couple of weeks to months in order to have your website found and indexed, then you will know how thrilled the webmasters can be if someone was able to discover a new method to have your webpages found a lot faster.


Well, that is a new method that Google sitemaps just discovered and it is entirely a lot easier in contrast to setting up Blog and Ping or RSS feed. In case you have not heard of Blog and Ping, it is a method by which it is attainable to notify the search engines to go to your new webpage content in just a couple of hours. And if you are a website owner Google sitemaps or a webmaster at , it is something that you can’t afford to neglect even though you are also utilizing Blog and Ping or RSS.


The reason why you should begin utilizing Google Sitemaps is that it is created mainly to direct and alert Google search engine crawlers going to your webpages. The Blog and Ping and RSS are indirect means to notify the search engines, on the other hand, it is not their main purpose. It works now, but then again, like a lot of things, it is slowly becoming abused. The search engines will surely always find means to fight these abuses as they have done with each and every kind of abuse that has been done before. Know more about SEO at


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